Back on Track

During the men’s 110 meter hurdles, Martice Moore, right, a freshman at the University of Louisville, finished 6th with the time of 14.49 seconds. Moore competed at the Hilltopper Relay Meet at the Charles M. Rueter Track and Field Complex on Saturday. Weston Kenney/HERALD

Track meets mean cold mornings, long bus rides, and athletes huddling under blankets and inside tents. They also harken back to the nearly 3,000-year-old tradition of track and field events, most notably with the Olympic Games in ancient Greece. Competitors pit their bodies and willpower against one another in the most primal of contests. Sprints, jumps, hurdles, javelin, hammer throw and several other events all showcased the fitness and re- lentless training of athletes from the 15 different schools in attendance. The Hilltopper Relays Meet held at the Charles M. Rueter Track and Field Complex on Friday and Saturday saw the WKU Men’s and Women’s teams stand out with a total of nine first place finishes.