Why you should vote for Jay Todd Richey

Why I’m voting for Jay Todd Richey — and you should too — is simple. As a nontraditional student who is deaf and hard of hearing and also a minority, I would give Jay Todd my vote. I say this candidly and without partiality considering what I’ve witnessed: change as well as camaraderie among students, faculty and staff on campus under his leadership.

Since enrolling in 2012, I can say students with disabilities and adult learners are the forgotten ones. We are often overlooked yet pay the same tuition as traditional-aged college students and are without a voice. Jay Todd has welcomed ALL students to become active and participate openly as well as one-on-one within his cabinet.

While more changes are still forthcoming, the huge gap that for so long created division between students has since been diminished. We have a voice, and that voice is Jay Todd Richey.

Philosopher and essayist George Santayana wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I challenge each and every student to exercise their right to vote, and do not look at popularity, but examine the facts.

Eric Woullard