Vote for Braxton Powell as SGA president

Leadership is not a position or a title; it is action and example.

Braxton Powell is the perfect example of being a leader by serving as an example to those he serves and always taking action to make positive change. 

I had the pleasure to meet Braxton Powell two years ago. I have seen him grow into a hardworking Hilltopper and leader of our community — a leader who, with no doubt in my mind, is ready to take action as your next SGA president!

I have always admired Powell’s dedication and drive to want to serve in anything he truly believes in, and let me tell you, SGA is something he lives and breathes. Whenever you are around him, he will start talking about politics and how we could do things differently as a community to make a positive impact. 

I like how he always questions things; it makes one think about things on a deeper level. I think that’s a positive quality in a leader, a leader who questions things to try to make the best decision. I believe our campus needs a leader who can lead our university by questioning things and allowing our student body to work together to reach the best decisions for our university.

One of Powell’s best qualities is how much he cares for people. If you see him around campus, he is always willing to stop and say hi to people, willing to build relationships among his peers and those who are around him. As a friend, I know I can always count on him to hear me out. We call him “Papa Braxton” because of how mature he is and the great advice we get from him. 

I believe if you elect Braxton Powell as your next SGA president, you will have a leader who wants to know the students personally, a leader who wants to know students’ needs, a leader who will lead by example and a leader who will take action not alone but with the student body.

Allan Moreno