A Spoonful of Sugar

With the help of his peers who are learning to control the flying wires offstage Greenwood High School senior Joe Moore, 17, practices soaring above the stage for the first time in Van Meter Auditorium on Monday, March 7. “Flying was the most amazing thing,” Moore said of the experience. After three days of training and supervision by professionals, the students were allowed to take the ropes into their own hands. Jennifer King/HERALD

By Jennifer King


While the Hilltoppers were away, Greenwood High School students were at play putting on a play, that is. Students in the musical cast of “Mary Poppins” flooded Van Meter Auditorium on March 6 to begin tech week rehearsal and worked until the final curtain closed on Sunday, March 13. From building sets and coordinating costumes to running countless scenes and learning how to fly, the students worked hard to make this production practically perfect in every way.