Senate approves budget proposal

Herald Staff

On Wednesday, the Kentucky Senate passed a budget proposal which was quickly rejected by the House of Representatives.

    The Senate’s budget restored many of Governor Matt Bevin’s original cuts to post-secondary education. The budget also outlined specifics for performance-based funding.

    In an email, President Gary Ransdell said he and other university presidents had spent a considerable amount of time lobbying to remove the education cuts.


    “All of the university presidents have worked together to advocate for Kentucky’s higher education priorities, primarily protecting university base funding,” Ransdell said.    

    The Senate’s budget proposal is in sharp contrast to the proposal passed by the House last week. The House’s budget removed all cuts to post-secondary education and eliminated performance-based funding.

    A committee consisting of senators and representatives was created to reach a compromise on the budget. Once an agreement has been reached, the proposal will be sent to the Governor.

    “I will continue to give this my full attention until their work is complete,” Ransdell said.