Top 10 worst places to take your date to a Valentine’s Day dinner

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Brandon Carter & Katherine Sproles

As we approach Valentine’s Day, many of you are sure to be making last-minute plans to impress that special someone in your lives. There are plenty of tips to help you woo your guy or gal, but if you’re looking for deeper guidance, fear not: the Herald has you covered. Here are our top 10 worst places to take your date for a Valentine’s Day dinner. 

Hooters: It may be the “Big Game Headquarters,” but your game is guaranteed to fail if you take your date to this wings-and-beer spot. Take one look at the menu: The sheer number of double entendres should make you have second — and third, and fourth — thoughts.

Gas station: We get it. You once had a religious experience munching on a massive turkey leg that previously spent an undetermined amount of time twirling under the warming light. But try to avoid it on the 14th; Valentine’s Day is about hearts, not heart attacks.

Applebee’s: “Half-price apps” doesn’t exactly scream “romantic date.” There are plenty of other sports bars with boring food and listless atmospheres. Don’t choose those either.

Bowling alley: The snack bar may be tempting, but treating your date to nachos and a pitcher of crappy beer will be your first strike of the night. Spare yourself the trouble, and pick a place with better food and fewer lottery ticket dispensers.

Any place that takes Big Red Dollars: Nothing says “I’m loaded” like whipping out your WKU ID to cover the check. Whether you’re splurging for the Angus Three Cheese & Bacon sandwich at Arby’s or quenching your thirst with a Route 44-sized drink at Sonic, your declining-balance payment is sure to decline your romantic successes.

Captain D’sYou’re on a sinking ship if you take your date to this fast-casual seafood joint. In the words of one of our editors, “If they’re high-class, at least take them to Long John Silver’s.”

Mall food court: Sbarro? More like SbarrNO. And don’t even think about taking your date to Auntie Anne’s. If you think those pretzels will sweeten your date, you’ve got it twisted.

Costco and Sam’s Club samples: There’s a bit of romance in the mystery of this adventure. What samples will be provided? Where will they be in the store? Sadly, the thrill of the chase is overshadowed by the glares being thrown your way by store employees as you take your sixth taquito sample of the night. Perhaps it would be best to take your date somewhere where the food isn’t small enough to fit on a toothpick.

Strip club: Do we even have to explain this one? And no, the champagne available for purchase should NOT make you consider this.

Buffet: You’ve loaded your plate with your all your favorites: fried fish, mac-and-cheese, rice and gravy, collard greens and an assortment of desserts. You turn to your date. They stare at you, horrified at the culinary confusion you’re holding in your hand. You realize you’ve made a great mistake. Stay away from the buffet.