February Horoscopes – Refresh yourself this February after months of rest, relaxation

Mollie Moore

Life has been in a sort of stasis for everyone over the past year, and with Mercury in retrograde for the majority of January, the new year didn’t bring much of a fresh start. However, now that we’ve made it to February, it’s finally time to wake up.

Aries: Your ability to adapt to every situation is going to be a major strength this month. It will be a time for growth, so let life take you where it must and don’t resist so much.

Taurus: This month might make you feel like your life is being turned upside down. Other people’s expectations of you could get frustrating, but just remember not to get too worked up about it. You don’t always have to be the rock, and your loved ones will understand that.

Gemini: This is your time to let your curiosity run wild. February is acting as a fresh start, so explore!

Cancer: Take this month to find balance. Start anew and get rid of the uneasiness you constantly grapple with. Focus on the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Leo: February should be a month of solitude and reflection, but don’t isolate yourself. You’re a social being.

Virgo: This is your time to shine. Most people see you as fussy and narrow-minded, but you can go with the flow when you want to! Show that off.

Libra: Have fun this month! You’ve been feeling serious lately; it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself.

Scorpio: You’ve got a lot of goals to accomplish, and you can definitely do it. Just keep reminding yourself to focus, and you’ll make it through this month a stronger person.

Sagittarius: You always feel the call of adventure, but it’s time to settle down. Take this month to make some serious decisions and become a more reliable person. Everyone around you will appreciate it, and so will you.

Capricorn: You’ve been waiting for the perfect timing, and your patience has finally paid off. Now it’s time to get to work.

Aquarius: You’ve been focusing so much on others lately, it’s time to take care of yourself. Spend some time pampering yourself. Take one extra bath each week, or buy that item you’ve been eyeing!

Pisces: This month you’ll feel as though you’re being pulled apart with all the options you’ve received, but you must make a decision. Once you do, you’ll feel so much more at ease. Just trust your gut.

Ed. note: A previous version of this article used the word “moth” instead of month. This error has been corrected.