Paul and His Cat – How to have fun while being broke this spring break

Paul and his cat

Paul and His Cat

Dear Paul and His Cat,

Spring break is coming up, but I’m borderline broke. I still want to do something fun during our one week of freedom — any tips?

Paul: Ah, a classic dilemma. You want to live out your Instagram fantasies on the west coast, but you’re a student assistant who works 12 hours a week. Luckily, we have tips!

Paul’s Cat: Meow.

Paul: First of all, check if any of your Facebook friends live anywhere remotely cool. It makes lodging costs nonexistent, unless they are jerks, and you might reconnect with someone you distantly liked at some point in your life.

If you have no friends — or if they are all losers who moved back to your hometown after drinking away their grades — consider Airbnb. It’s cheap, you usually end up with more space than if you got a hotel, and you get to see what living in that particular city is actually like.

Paul’s Cat: Consider looking for places to stay through other social media networks too. Ask some of your business contacts on LinkedIn. Send a playlist on Spotify. Send some inquisitive Snapchats.

Paul: Day trips are another great, cheap way to travel. Nashville, Louisville, Lexington and Knoxville are all less than four-hour drives and are all fun cities to explore.

Paul’s Cat: I have a great cardboard box you can come hang out in.

Paul: If all else fails, staycation it is! Visit that one restaurant you and your friends always want to try. Go caving in Mammoth Cave or set sail in Lost River Cave. Have you ever checked out Dinosaur World?

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