Students share opinions on new restaurants

Elisabeth Moore

After weather delays and some kitchen controversy, two new restaurants, Topper Grill and Pub and Chili’s, will be opening soon on WKU’s campus.

The two restaurants have encountered delays during construction due to inclement weather. Topper Grill and Pub as well as Chili’s is expected to open at the end of the month.

Some students, such as Bowling Green senior Katie Norris, are excited about the new additions.

“Chili’s sounds like a good idea,” Norris said.

Sol Govin, a senior from Sunrise, Florida, said she thinks having a Chili’s will be cool although the new restaurants’ locations at the top of the Hill will make it less appealing to students who live in dorms at the bottom. 

“They are probably going to get traffic from non-WKU students who work in the area,” Govin said. “This is probably going to make prices more expensive as well, since this is campus.”

Steve Hoyng, resident district manager for Aramark, said the Topper Grill and Pub planned to use the Garrett Food Court’s kitchen to be more efficient. However, because of the shared space, the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control denied Topper Grill and Pub a liquor license. Aramark withdrew its application for a liquor license that would allow Topper Grill and Pub to sell alcohol to salvage WKU’s future licensing endeavors.

“If you are denied a license, it looks bad on you and on any other license you apply,” Hoyng said during Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting.

Norris said she was disappointed that the Topper Grill and Pub will not serve alcohol when it opens.

“So it’s the bar and grill without the bar,” Norris said.

Govin agreed.

“It’s basically like Redzone,” Govin said. “It’s like having a restaurant with a bar vibe without the bar.”

Gavin said the bar would have been a cool idea but now seems like a waste of funding.

Hoyng said as far as he knows, Chili’s will be selling alcohol, and there are plans for Topper Grill and Pub to sell alcohol in the future.