Skipping Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Getting hitched without a hitch: How to plan your nuptials

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Scout Hardin


Valentine’s Day weekend brought us shimmering snow and, to some, sparkly rings! The holiday season is prime time for engagements; maybe you are one of the lucky few who found your forever love.

You’ve called your mom, but now what? Peel your eyes away from that ring and follow these simple steps. It’s time to plan a wedding!

1. Make a timeline. Is your wedding in three months or a year? It may not seem like a big deal, but having a schedule makes a world of a difference. Often you won’t be able to confirm a precise wedding date until your venue is confirmed, so you’ll need to decide on a location. Writing a timeline for when things need to be done also helps a new bride feel less overwhelmed!

2. Figure out your wedding style. Are you boho chic or sleek and posh? Pin down a look. Don’t start trying on dresses, sampling cake — no matter how tempting — or booking bands before you and your partner figure out your aesthetic. To gather inspiration, scan bridal magazines, look at different locations and check out real wedding photos online. Your wedding should be an extension of your and your groom’s personalities.

3. Budget! I know this isn’t pleasant, but finances are incredibly important when you plan a wedding. Talk to your family and your fiancé’s family to see how much they are willing to contribute. The amount you are willing to spend will influence every decision you make when organizing the celebration.

4. Shop dresses! This is my favorite part. Knowing your wedding aesthetic will be a huge help as you pick your gown for the big day. Keep in mind price as well as the timeline. Is your wedding in a month? In that case, you might want to buy a dress off the rack, which means you take it home the same day you purchase it. If you have more time, you will have many more options. Receiving a dress you ordered can take up to four months. Choose a gown that fits your venue and price range as well as your personality.

5. Pick your wedding party, caterers,  florist, photographers and guest list. Do this in advance; many vendors are booked months in advance for events.

Wedding planning can be stressful, but relax! Follow these simple steps and your walk down the aisle will be smooth sailing.