Valentine’s: Getting glamorous before things get amorous

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Scout Hardin

Ah, February. It’s the month of love — or at least the month of rose bouquets and discount chocolate. Whether Valentine’s Day finds you single or in love, feeling beautiful is a must. Dressing to the nines isn’t just for couples when cupid comes calling. You can be dateless and dazzling!

Getting “Galentine’s” brunch on the 13th with your gal pals? Treat yourself! Gussy up to celebrate how smart, strong and stylish you and your lady gang are. Of course, you’ll also look amazing as you eat those waffles. Brandish blouses of pinks and purples, and break out a pair of cheeky red shoes if you’re feeling sassy.

Want to wow at a Valentine’s party? Don your spiciest ensemble. Who knows who you might meet? Mix a flirty skater skirt with a turtleneck, tights and ankle boots. This may not sound spicy, but modest is hottest in my opinion, and it’s probably going to be cold.

Is Netflix your date? You’re my kind of person! You get to wear my favorite outfit: pajamas. May I suggest something warm and cozy that goes well with red wine and dark chocolate? Whether you’re swooning over Mr. Darcy of “Pride and Prejudice” with your girlfriends or swooning solo, slip into something comfortable with a touch of pink.

Perhaps you plan to spend this Valentine’s Day with someone you love — and I’m not referring to a fictional heartthrob. If you see your valentine every day, astonish them with something special. Spend a little extra time getting extra glamorous before things get amorous.

Gents, do your sweetheart a favor and dress up when you take your date out. Putting extra effort into your appearance shows you care about your partner.

Don’t throw yourself out on Valentine’s Day because you don’t know what to wear. Whether you are going for brunch or a night on the town, find an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. Love yourself and your outfit this Valentine’s!