Con Con’s: The best diner in Kentucky

Mollie Moore

On my first visit to Bowling Green I was in a desperate need of hash browns and coffee.

After searching the perimeter of campus for over an hour, I decided to give up and put my phone to good use. The second result of the Google search “Bowling Green breakfast,” was a restaurant named Con Con’s, so I buckled my seatbelt and made my way to the little diner on Russellville Road that would soon become my destiny.

A visit to Con Con’s is always a comforting break away from the stressors of life. From the decor reminiscent of an old bait and tackle shop to the classic, dependable diner coffee, Con Con’s never disappoints.


The food selection has no frills and is straight to the point. My favorite thing to get on the menu is the breakfast special, which comes with a choice of ham, sausage or bacon, eggs cooked to your liking, a choice of hash browns, home fries or grits and the option of biscuits and gravy or toast. It’s delicious and hearty, and if you order it before 10:30 a.m., it’s a mere $5.50. With a cup of coffee, which includes refills, you won’t pay more than $10 including the tip.

They also have sweet breakfast foods like pancakes and french toast. I’ve tried both and they’re tasty. Trust me.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t really like breakfast -— honestly though, what kind of person doesn’t like breakfast? -—they’ve got a great lunch menu that includes burgers, chili dogs and even salads.

While the food at Con Con’s is delectable, what really makes the place so special is the atmosphere. The best time to go is a weekday morning when they are busy but not crowded and all the regulars are making their way in.

There are always at least two old men sitting at the bar, joking around with the waitresses. At the end of the bar usually sits an empty stool with a plaque in front of it that reads “Here sits Millard” in memory of a regular who passed away.

The waitresses are sweethearts and the regulars are eccentric. One morning last winter, a waitress offered to invite me to her house to dig up a cactus she didn’t want anymore, and a man whose name everyone knew told me about how many times he’d been stabbed. The man also guessed my personality traits and told me my fortune. It was a productive day.

Overall, Con Con’s is a magical place. It’s a part of Bowling Green that feels completely separate from WKU, which is perfect if you want an hour to escape the demands of school. 

Where else could you find a place with wall signs that say stuff like, “24 hours in a day. 24 beers in a case. Coincidence…Maybe,” and get your fortune told all while drinking a damn fine cup of coffee?