SGA passes changes to current bylaws

Marcel Mayo

Resolution 1-16-S to Support the Implementation of a Salary Increase for both the Faculty and Staff of Western Kentucky University in the Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 passed with a 19-12 vote.

“We want to stand in solidarity with the faculty and staff,” SGA President Jay Todd Richey said. “President Ransdell has indicated multiple times that this is his top priority.”

Richey felt the push of this resolution is important because of the value the faculty and staff at WKU.

“We want this to be the top priority even in the midst of the budget cuts,” Richey said.

Richey kept his update short by stating a presidential forum might be in the works for students.

The forum will allow students to question the potential university presidents about their intentions for holding presidency at WKU.

“All students that want to come ask questions to the candidates will be able to do so. It will not be limited to SGA,” Richey said.

The forum will be divided so students get individual time with the different candidates for presidency.

The committee for the forum should begin to meet next month, according to Richey.

Bylaw amendment 1-16-S was also passed by an unanimous vote.

6.1 Funding Restrictions will now state “The Student Government Association may allocate funds for the benefit of students, either directly or indirectly. All students may be required to finance a portion of their expenses by supplementary income.”

Constitutional Amendment 1-16-S was passed as well.

The nondiscrimination clause includes sexual orientation, but the GPA requirement still remains the same.

“The constitution amendment passed except the GPA change,” Richey said. “I want to change the GPA requirement from a 2.5 to a 2.0.”

“My main reason behind that is because to be a student in good standing at Western Kentucky University requires a 2.0,” Richey said.

Richey thinks that SGA should be on the same page as the university as well.

“If it’s good enough for WKU then it’s good enough for SGA,” Richey said.

Richey also feels that the senate doesn’t realize the demand of students that want to be apart of the organization, but can’t join because the student GPA might fall a little too short for the required GPA.

“We have some people that come to SGA that do not have a 2.5 and they work harder than a lot of senators I’ve seen,” Richey said.

Richey says there are many reasons as to why students GPA can’t meet that requirement but shouldn’t be penalized from a student ran organization if still in good standing with the university.

“I saw a degree of elitism and arrogance in some senators and I was very disappointed,” Richey said.