Letter to the editor – New residual policy inconsiderate

Like many other WKU students, I have been affected by the recently updated refund policy. It is not only unfair to students who are deserving of the refund money, but also inconvenient, as it threatens the financial security and well-being of students.

As a Pell Grant recipient receiving no financial assistance from my parents, I depend upon this vital grant money to cover expenses ranging from rent, incidentals, food and clothing. After successfully completing the exhausting KHEAA verification process, I clearly merit federal and state funds.

Simply being advised to “plan accordingly” ignores the stark reality of lower-income students who are unable to utilize their guaranteed university funds. The former policy, which distributed refunds before the beginning of the semester, allowed students like myself to start the academic year with financial confidence. I could pay more attention to my studies instead of frantically worrying about how I was going to eat for three weeks. WKU has neglected the needs of students by implementing a detrimental policy which negatively affects the academic and professional experiences of students.

Attending college should not be relegated to the well-off [but] rather, a life-changing experience for all, regardless of socioeconomic status. I respectfully urge the Bursar office to reconsider implementing their former refund policy which promptly administered refunds and allowed students to pay for necessities like food. By [the office’s] doing so, students will be able to maintain a better standard of living.

This policy did not consider the needs of WKU students like myself who work two jobs, receive Pell grant money and have federal loans in order to pay for the exorbitant costs of tuition, housing, food and other essentials.

– Erick Murrer