Ways to form new habits this semester

spring success

Madison Martin

It’s that time of the year again. Classes are starting, professors are passing out syllabi and students are left wondering how they can make this semester a little less stressful than the previous one.

Here’s a list of tips and tricks students can employ this spring 2016 to start off fresh.

1. Make to-do lists your new normal. Too often students think they know exactly which assignments and exams are coming up, only to remember a forgotten paper at the last minute. If writing physical reminders in a planner isn’t your thing, meet in the middle with a to-do list app. There are various free planner apps on the market. Lifehacker.com recommends ones like Google Keep, where you can color-code your reminders and swipe them away upon completing the activity.

2. Start small so you don’t have to procrastinate. This is a chronic problem for many students. Whether you thrive on fast-approaching deadlines or enjoy the cycle of regret and relief every time you start and finish a project, trying a new method to take away some stress might be a welcome change. Leo Babauta of the website Zen Habits suggests tackling a project by finishing tiny pieces of it bit by bit.

3. Use the buddy system; it still works. It might be tempting to check out mentally when blazing through your last Colonnade classes, but you could be missing an opportunity to work with others and earn that A. Natalie Hayes, a sophomore resident assistant from Guatemala City, Guatemala, advises students to find a partner who can help you tackle the course. 

4. Get that workout in. It’s no secret that regular exercise contributes to overall health, but scheduling it while dealing with classes, jobs and extracurriculars can sometimes be a challenge. But according to Campus Mind Works, improved focus and reduction of stress are just two benefits of exercise for college students. WKU’s Preston Center offers more than just a track and weight room. Group X classes like Zumba, Cardio Craze and yoga are offered throughout the week, and the natatorium has extensive time slots for open swim. If you find you still can’t make it to the gym, climbing the stairs to class or taking a break from the White Line can be a way to include a bit more physical activity in your schedule.

While this list isn’t comprehensive, it encompasses some of the ways students can make welcome changes this semester.