SGA announces name change of future on-campus pub

Herald Staff

Despite previous ‘Dub the Pub’ controversy, Student Government Association President Jay Todd Richey announced the administration’s decision to alter the name of the upcoming pub.  

Previously, the decided name for the new eatery in the Garrett Conference Center was Topper Tavern and Grill. However, administration decided to change the name to Topper Grill and Pub. 

Richey was contacted by Howard Bailey, former vice president of Student Affairs, on the last day of the fall semester about the new name change.

Richey said Ransdell wanted an alternative name for the pub so students wouldn’t associate the pub with only serving alcohol. 

“I met with President Ransdell and he wanted to down play the alcohol theme. The student body voted on ‘Topper Tavern’ for the name it should be. I understood, we came to a compromise of ‘Topper Tavern and Grill,” said Richey. 

Richey said he doesn’t agree with the name change, but the new name will be the final decision. 

“I was very disappointed,” said Richey. “It really does makes us question how much the administration listens to us, and it makes us apprehensive of competitions like this in the future.”

Correction: A previous version of this story said “understand” instead of “understood” in a quote from SGA President Jay Todd Richey. The Herald regrets the error. 

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