Prestigious WKU Photojournalism professor wins award

“How [teaching] makes me feel is indifferent,” said photojournalism professor Tim Broekema. Broekema, who has been teaching full time at the university since 2000, was nominated and awarded the 2016 National Press Photographers Association’s, Robin F. Garland Educator Award. “If I’m positioning [my students] into a place that [they] can be doing what [they] want to be doing and getting paid for it, that’s my success. That makes me feel good, that [they] have success.”  Alyssa Pointer/HERALD 

WKU’s Tim Broekema, known as “B” by many of his students, was awarded the Robin F. Garland Educator Award. The honor is given for outstanding service as a photojournalism educator by the National Press Photographers Association. Broekema has spent years influencing and contributing to the success of his pupils in the photojournalism program.