Skipping Breakfast at Tiffany’s – How to dress stylishly in winter weather

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Scout Hardin

Welcome back to campus, snow bunnies! Winter has finally arrived, and we’ve collectively resigned ourselves to sweatpants and hot chocolate with the intention of hibernating until spring. With this cold weather comes the challenge of dressing stylishly while remaining toasty.

The climate might be arctic, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to suffer.

Want to look good and stay warm? Layer! You have probably realized what an incredible style tool layering can be, and it is especially handy in the chillier months. One of my favorite looks is the turtleneck and sweater combo. You can then add a jacket and coat.

Be aware that you can have too much of a good thing when it comes to layering. If you’re going to layer a turtleneck and sweater, don’t grab your chunkiest knitted turtleneck and your heaviest pullover. Instead, mix a lightweight base garment with heavier outerwear.

Layering is invaluable when it comes to changing temperatures. It helps you stay comfortable for a freezing trek to a classroom that’s set to sauna temperature. Having the ability to peel off some of those extra layers is vital if you don’t want to die of heat exhaustion every time you enter a building.

Before you shrug off those extra coats and jackets, you have to brave the elements and trudge through the snow. You will never be more thankful for a pair of boots than in that moment. Duck boots, whether you love or hate them, are undeniably practical in this weather. They protect your feet from getting soggy and keep those cute little toes of yours snug and safe from frostbite.

Don’t limit yourself to duck boots, but steer clear of suede. Those cute suede boots will be ruined after a jaunt in the drifts.

Know there are many ways to dress both practically and stylishly for the elements. Use this winter to express yourself with a fresh take on your wardrobe. Bundle up and stay chic!