Skipping Breakfast at Tiffany’s – How to dress this holiday season

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Scout Hardin

The holidays are upon us. People are sipping wine by the fire, hanging stockings with care and sending invitations for parties. As your excitement builds and your mailbox fills, you ask yourself the big question: “What should I wear?”

Don’t turn down an invitation because your holiday garb isn’t up to par. With a few easy steps, you’ll be looking good on the nice list.

When dressing for a holiday soiree, consider the weather as well as the event in question. There is nothing cute about shivering in a cocktail dress.

Being covered is chic; no need to reveal it all. Leave a little mystery for under the mistletoe. Think Morticia Addams: Christmas edition. Wear a long, curve-hugging gown, and you’ll be the vixen of all your parties!

In doubt about a festive color to wear? Go for the gold! Red is a tad too candy cane, and white makes you a snowflake. As for green — who are you, the Grinch? Sparkle is the effect of choice to bring tidings of shimmer, glitter and glow.

Shine this holiday season with soft burnished gold brocades, sequined cashmere sweaters and twinkling baubles.

Add a little fluff to your sparkle with fake fur, and swap your leather jacket for a fleecy shrug. A faux fur will add warmth and dimension to your ensemble. Remember, Santa wears a fur collar. If it’s good enough for the big man, it’s good enough for you!

Holiday style is all about looking effortlessly polished. Putting thought into your holiday garb is essential, but too much perfection can appear artificial, and you are the real thing! No need to hide your fabulous features. The best presents often come in simple packages.

You don’t want your party peers to think you spent more time worrying about your outfit than the things that really matter during the holidays: friends, family and spiked eggnog.

Now write your list and check it twice. Whether you are naughty or nice, I hope Santa leaves you a few timeless garments under your tree. May your days be merry and stylish!