Skipping Breakfast at Tiffany’s – A guide for choosing winter hairstyles

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Scout Hardin

As we brace ourselves for the impending cold, why not heat up the chill with hot new hair? Be it a pixie, bangs, bob or layers, let yourself be inspired by the changing weather. Texture is in from your head to your toes, whether you’re looking at a fuzzy sweater or a long wavy bob. 

The cold has a tendency to make hair dull, so try lightening things up. Give your locks a lift, and add soft highlights. Fair and blonde? Add golden streaks. Feeling sweet? Caramel undertones might be for you. Honeyed hues in darker hair are a beautiful way to accentuate olive and deep skin tones.

Other flattering tints for those of fair complexions are russet, champagnes and coppers, which will have you glowing in the firelight. Brunettes looking for a change should consider tones of chocolate, coffee and chestnut.

Mastering the art of color is important, but don’t forget about the cut. Love a bob? Well, say hello to angled layers and short defined waves. They’ll look chic whether you keep them long or short, and they’re lovely for those who are growing out their hair.

Looking for something a bit more edgy? Keep it blunt. No layers, no texture — just straight, straight, straight.

This look is having a major moment.  Alternately, a choppy pixie could be the short and sexy haircut of your dreams. Taking the pixie plunge can feel extreme, but it can also be liberating. Easy to care for and effortlessly gorgeous, the pixie spices up any look.

Lastly, remember the beloved hair staple of fall and winter: bangs. They go perfectly with buns, layers, and hot cocoa. You may become a slave to trims, but the way your fringe makes your eyes pop will make it worth the extra trips to the hairdresser.

You’ve got your sweaters and scarves out for fall; all you need now is to spruce up that old hairdo! Welcome the cold — and your hairdresser — with open arms.