The Hill to be ‘Under the Big Top’ this week

Big Top cartoon

Sydney Rae Davis

The mystery of the circus will be unraveling on the Hill this year during Homecoming week.

The theme for WKU’s 2015 Homecoming week, ‘Under the Big Top,’ was chosen by President Gary Ransdell and the Alumni Association.

According to Ginny Hensley, the director of alumni programming, the process of choosing a Homecoming theme begins each year when a committee made up of faculty, staff, students and alumni selects up to 30 possible themes.

Depending on the year, Hensley said, “Halloween and politics sometimes play into the theme.”

For this year’s theme, Hensley said the Homecoming committee narrowed it down to three choices and then turned those over to Ransdell.

Allie Sharp, coordinator of student engagement for the Alumni Association, said the final decision was easy for Ransdell.

“Once he was given the list, he knew which one it was going to be,” Sharp said.

The theme will be incorporated into Homecoming week in a variety of ways that the Alumni Association hopes will excite students, faculty and alumni.

Homecoming festivities begin on Nov. 5 with the Junior Achievement Chili and Cheese Luncheon and Pep Rally.

Other notable events for the week include a concert featuring Hunter Hayes, Big Red’s Roar, the Homecoming Parade and the Homecoming Concert in the Park.

“I think [the theme]’s really going to shine at the Homecoming Parade. You’ll probably see things like circus tents,” Sharp said.

Hensley added that there will be surprises from special guests during the week. Not wanting to give too much away, she hinted that circus acts may be incorporated into the parade.

Dexter Crowdus, Late Night & Novelty assistant chairman on the Campus Activities Board, isn’t really sure what is to come from the event-packed week but is excited nonetheless.

“I don’t really know what to expect, so I’m ready for whatever they decide to do,” he said.