OPINION: November horoscopes to help you get through the month

Mollie Moore is the opinion editor for the College Heights Herald during the spring 2016 semester.

Mollie Moore

Aries: Your relationships will become strained this month, so be careful not to place too much blame on others. You don’t want to ruin any friendships because of your own anxieties.


Taurus: Many things will be different after this month, and it will be very tough. Just know that for things to be better, you’ll have to step outside your comfort zone for a little while.


Gemini: Creativity will come in waves this month, but you’ll have to decide how to harness it. If you don’t express yourself positively, you should expect destruction.


Cancer: Be on the lookout for judgement from others, but don’t take anything too personally. Everyone else is feeling the stress just as intensely as you are this month; we’re all a little on edge.


Leo: Be careful with all the excitement you’re feeling this month because it will easily turn into anxiety. If you can find the right balance, then you’ll be able to create a much richer life for yourself.


Virgo: This month you’re like a balloon being filled with hot air, which is causing more pressure to build up than usual. This pressure can become an ally if you let it. It will help elevate your life and allow you to move to the next level.


Libra: You’ll be feeling cranky this month, especially around the people who have high expectations for you. Remember to watch your tone; they’re just trying to help.


Scorpio: There will be a lot of excess energy this month, so make sure you don’t take in too much at once. Try to be still a few minutes each day, and it will help you resist feeling overwhelmed.


Sagittarius: There are feelings of impatience and dissatisfaction ahead of you this month. Keep your head up; it will pass.


Capricorn: Courageously follow your intuition this month, and allow for your creativity to help take you where you need to be. You have a lot of potential, so be innovative and find a way to attain success.


Aquarius: There’s a lot of stress coming your way, but try to finish every task you set for yourself. Otherwise, you’ll be very disappointed.


Pisces: Beware of imposing unreasonable stressors on yourself this month, especially if they are coming from old habits.