Matt Bevin makes campaign stop in Bowling Green

Gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin (R-Ky) talks with supporters after a small rally in the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport. Despite lagging in the polls, Bevin said that he remained confident in his party’s ability to win key offices in the states government. Andrew Livesay/HERALD

Karema Bwerevu

This afternoon, Nov. 3, Matt Bevin, Kentucky Republican gubernatorial candidate, arrived at the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport for a brief announcement on his campaign. 

 Bevin discussed future plans, which he promised would be put in place for Kentucky when he is elected as governor.  

He touched base on the upcoming election and the importance of voting as he introduced running Republican candidates for different Kentucky positions.

 These included: Mike Harmon, candidate for state auditor, Jenean Hampton,  lieutenant governor candidate, Stephen Knipper, secretary of state, Whitney Westerfield , candidate for attorney general, Allison Ball, candidate for state treasurer and Ryan Quarles, candidate for agriculture commissioner. 

 Bevin urged supporters in the audience to encourage others through social media to vote and take advantage of voting in remembrance of the veterans who lost their lives in order for citizens to vote. 

 Bevin said there is a need for people to go out and reach out to others and encourage friends and neighbors to vote their values and not their party.  

He also answered questions pertaining to college students, education, Kentucky’s education system, election, opposing candidates and the reason college students should vote for him. 

 “If you want somebody who embodies the values of who Kentucky is, of who we are, somebody that’s pro-life, somebody endorsed by Kentucky right to life, somebody endorsed by the NRA and the gun owners of America, somebody endorsed by the national federation of independent businesses than I will be grateful for your votes, you know that, get out there and make believers of people, encourage them to vote their values,” Bevin said. 

The Herald will have more information about the Kentucky gubernatorial election in Thursday’s edition