Photo Story: Mother Nature

After a long day, Junior and Cathy stop at Baskin’ Robbins to enjoy ice-cream. Cathy is Junior’s primary caretaker and his mother. “When I first had Junior I thought what did I do to deserve this – but years later I wonder what did I do so good to deserve him because he has been such a blessing.” she said.  ASHLEY COOPER/HERALD

Photos and Text by: Ashley Cooper, College Heights Herald, Staff Photographer 

Owning your own business and being a full-time caretaker can be hard, but Cathy Morgan shows that she would not have it any other way.

Morgan, 64, from Bowling Green, owns her own cleaning business and is the primary caretaker for her son Junior Morgan who was diagnosed with Down syndrome at two months old. Junior is now 33.

“I leave every morning around 7 or 8 a.m. Once I get off work, I take him to cross fit, dance practice or bible study and now he is about to start cheerleading. I have to make time to get him from point a to point b everyday,” said Cathy. “I will always believe in Junior anytime he wants to try something new, like swimming or ice skating. I always let him try anything he wants.”