WKU students take a stand of solidarity

Karema Bwerevu

On Wednesday, WKU students all dressed in black came together in Downing Student Union in a peaceful manner for a stance of solidarity with the University of Missouri.  

Elizabethtown graduate student Andrea Denise Daniels said that the stance is an opportunity for students of all races, sexuality and creeds to come and stand together against systematic racism and many other issues facing students on campuses across the nation.

“It’s just our way to support what’s happening at Mizzou and to stand in solidarity,” Daniels said. “I think sometimes people are afraid to come together and that’s what we are doing.”

Daniels has also been in contact with students at the University of Missouri, Yale and Harvard University discussing the status of black students and what exactly is taking place on their campuses. 

“We can come together in a peaceful manner and stand in solidarity,” she said. 

Among the students was Lacretia Dye, assistant professor in counseling and student affairs, in all black standing alongside the students in solidarity for the University of Missouri.

“I am here representing myself as an individual and not an organization or an entity,” Dye said. “I am here to support and model solidarity in regards to black lives matter as well as some of the blend and racism that occurs in college campuses.”

Dye said she believes that people should be aware of issues going on at college campuses such as the University of Missouri, raise awareness themselves and then act on it.  

“Anytime there is a situation of community, I think that change can occur, anytime there is a change of thought or communication of solidarity with the masses I think change happens,” she said.