LETTER TO THE EDITOR: SGA president expresses condolences to friends, family of deceased student

Jay Todd Richey

WKU Students, 
The WKU Student Government Association wishes to express our sincerest condolences to the friends and family of our lost WKU student. SGA has the utmost concern for the well being of our classmates. Suicide is a very serious issue across college campuses. However, help is available for students struggling with mental or emotional health issues. Please know that WKU has an incredible Counseling & Testing Center to help any student undergoing depression or any other serious mental health problem. We hope to see SGA expand access to these services we already offer and have more students utilize them in their time of need.
We encourage any student who is combating mental or emotional health problems to reach out: talk to us; talk to someone about how you’re feeling. Each and every member of this student body should feel loved and respected. If you ever feel alone, know that WKU SGA stands with you.
For more mental health resources, please visit https://www.wku.edu/heretohelp/
Thank you,
Jay Todd Richey
Student Body President
WKU Student Government Association