SGA passes biking resolution

Marcel Mayo

The Student Government Association passed a resolution on Tuesday to support a “more bikeable” campus.

The resolution, Resolution 5-15-F, supports WKU’s continued repairs of bike lanes on university owned property, as well as create an initiative to make WKU more bikeable through the creation of a bike lanes map. It was passed unanimously.

SGA senator Jody Dahmer and author of the resolution said a map is already in the process of being created.  

“Campus Improvements [Committee] is already drafting a bike map with different bike racks on campus,” Dahmer said.

Dahmer also said the bike lanes now are unsafe and could hurt students riding up or down campus.

“Speaking from experience—I’ve gotten injured on those bike lanes that’s supposed to be for bikers,” Dahmer said.

Dahmer said students have problems with deciding on whether to ride on the road or sidewalks.

“There’s no designated bike path around campus,” Dahmer said. “There have been collisions in the past.” 

The Herald will have more about Tuesday’s SGA meeting in its Thursday edition. 

There were some instances in this story where Jody Dahmer was referred to as Dammer. This has been corrected. The Herald regrets the error.