SGA passes resolution to support more bike-friendly campus

Marcel Mayo

Bicycling on campus might become a little easier.

The Student Government Association passed a resolution on Tuesday to support a more bike-friendly campus.

Resolution 5-15-F, Resolution to Support a More Bikeable Campus, was passed unanimously.

The resolution supports WKU’s continued repairs of bike lanes on university-owned property. It also creates an initiative to make WKU more bike-friendly through the creation of a map of bike lanes.

SGA senator Jody Dahmer, author of the resolution, said a map is already in the process of being created by the Campus Improvements Committee.

“Campus Improvements is already drafting a bike map with different bike racks on campus,” Dahmer said.

He said students have problems with deciding whether to ride on the road or to use the sidewalks.

“There’s no designated bike path around campus,” Dahmer said. “There have been collisions in the past.”

The senate also passed Bill 6-15-F, Funding from Organizational Aid Appropriations for WKU Red Wave, Phi Gamma Delta, Relay for Life, Multicultural Journalists and Best Buddies at Western Kentucky University, with a 19-2 vote.

During his report, SGA President Jay Todd Richey showed a video clip from the official “It’s On Us: Sexual Assault PSA” organization and a similar video from the University of Alabama to provide more context for SGA’s video.

SGA is still in the process of making WKU’s “It’s On Us” video.

some students from the art department spoke to SGA to ask for funding for a 3-D printer and scanner.

If provided with the 3-D printer and scanner, art students might be able to initiate a class with help from art department professors. The total cost for the printer and scanner would be a little over $1,500.

SGA Chief Justice Kelsey Luttrell brought up a recurring issue for student mothers: the need for resources on campus.

Luttrell said students should have formal maternal and paternal leave similar to the University of Kentucky’s.

“UK has a maternal leave,” Luttrell said. “It’s like two weeks. I don’t see why we can’t establish a maternal leave.”

She also said the creation of a pregnancy and parent resource center could be beneficial for student mothers.