The Curious Case of the Crane: Statue returns, destroyed again

“Crane Unfolding,” a statue by Kevin Box, was displayed on the bed of gravel outside Gatton Academy when campus police reported it vandalized on Oct. 6. This is the second time the statue has been broken. Andrew Livesay/HERALD

The newly repaired statue outside Gatton Academy building was broken again on Oct. 5, less than one week after its reinstallation.  

The statue, “Crane Unfolding” by Kevin Box, returned to its home in front of the Gatton Academy on Oct. 1. The statue was reported broken by campus police to chief facilities officer Bryan Russell on Oct. 6.

“I am very disappointed,” Russell said. 

Russell said four or five people were seen to be involved in the breaking of the statue by security cameras, but the individuals could not be identified in the footage. 

“Someone hung on it and broke it,” Russell said. 

The statue was previously vandalized on Dec. 6, 2014, by WKU students who paid for the initial repairs.

The statue has been sent to a metal fabricator in Bowling Green to be re-repaired.

Campus police closed the case on Oct. 12. They could not determine the intent of the incident. 

Russell requested that any information or possible leads to find the people who broke the statue be reported to campus police. 

Lexington Gatton student Elizabeth Yates said she was first informed of damage to the statue through the app Yik Yak. 

She said Gatton students speculated at first about the potential identity of the vandals. She referred to those responsible as “jerks.”

Julia Johnson, Gatton student and Elton native, said she was confused as to why someone would vandalize the statue; she called the act “pointless” and “just annoying.”