Consignment store a possibility for students

Marcel Mayo

Students may have a new opportunity to do their shopping on campus instead of having to brave the busy streets of Bowling Green.

Gary Meszaros, the assistant vice president of Business & Auxiliary Services, said a consignment store is potentially in the works for students on campus.

A decision hasn’t been made as to whether the consignment store would be an actual physical store located on or near campus or if the proposed store would simply be online.

Student Government Association President Jay Todd Richey said his idea for the consignment store contrasted with that of Meszaros and WKU Store director Ann Floresca.

“I’m thinking all online. They’re thinking more of a consignment store,” Richey said.

The consignment store would also be in partnership with the WKU Store.

“It’s not just books. Students will be able to put up apartment furniture — anything they deem necessary that WKU students may need,” said Richey.

Students would be able to login using their WKU 800 number and password in a process similar to accessing other resources on campus.

“It would be basically a student eBay or Amazon exclusively for WKU students,” said Richey.

The proposed consignment store would only be provided to WKU students, faculty and staff for safety and security reasons.

The store would be similar to eBay, but only items that are appropriate for college students will be available for buying, selling, trading or bidding.

Meszaros said items deemed inappropriate for the store would include condoms or pornographic materials, for example.

The store would give students the potential to buy, sell, trade or bid on old or unused items students no longer need. Students would be able to keep most of the money earned from selling their products; however, the university would also be free to obtain a portion of profits for providing the service.

“Say … you sell a car for $5,000. We would keep $200 of your profit,” said Meszaros.

Meszaros said the logistics of the store haven’t been worked out yet since they are still beginning the process, and it’s too soon to say exactly how the store will turn out.

Floresca echoed Meszaros’s sentiments about the early stages of the consignment store.

“It’s really not in any stage where we’re developing it at this time. It was really just an idea discussed in one meeting — for now.”

Floresca thinks the consignment store could be a big hit for students and something WKU can benefit from as well.

“I think in the future, it could blossom into something more,” said Floresca.

Richey, Meszaros and Floresca are still in the process of deciding where exactly funding would go, how the new initiative would work and what the opportunity costs would be.

Richey hopes a store could be something that’s very successful for WKU students: an easier way for students to find what they need.

“This can revolutionize the way students buy, sell and trade different items that they believe many WKU students need,” said Richey.