Checking Up – Emotional wellness can strengthen your mind, body

Morgan Profumo

Morgan Profumo

The term “void” can be defined as complete emptiness; it is intangible and invisible. Some people spend day after day trying to fill an emotional void — a psychological hole that drains happiness. Being emotionally unstable or apathetic is detrimental to one’s emotional wellness.

According to the University of New Hampshire’s Health Services website, emotional wellness is someone’s ability to maintain a positive self-image, uphold a positive attitude and accurately and appropriately share a range of feelings with others. October is Emotional Wellness Month, and it is important to recognize the effects deficient emotional health can have on daily life.

There are several signs a person may exhibit when they are experiencing good emotional wellness. According to UNH, feeling content with yourself, feeling you have a strong support system, being able to relax and being able to say “no” without feeling guilty are all behaviors emotionally healthy people display.

Factors that may inhibit emotional wellness are the same ones that put a strain on emotions. Obligations and responsibilities such as payments, relationships, school and work may deteriorate emotional health. People with a sound emotional state manage stress more effectively due to their positive self-worth, which can motivate them to accomplish tasks. They are also more willing to relax and retreat from stressors instead of becoming anxious and worsening the stress.

Anyone willing to make the effort can craft a more positive emotional state. According to the University of California, Riverside, the road to emotional wellness begins with actively attempting to change. You may need to be more aware of your feelings and work on the way you portray them to others. You can do this by taking a step back and asking yourself how you are feeling. You can then open up to someone to provide an outlet for your emotions.

You can also work on being more positive and trying to self-motivate by being optimistic.

Emotional wellness contributes to mental wellness. To maintain mental health, you should strive to obtain positive emotional health. If you struggle with emotional wellness and want to speak to someone about improving your emotional outlook, consider the Counseling and Testing center. Located in Potter Hall, the center provides individual counseling and advice for any issue you may be facing.