‘Dub the Pub’ competition draws closer to end

Artist rendering courtesy of Auxiliary Services. 

The pub in Garrett Conference Center is expected to open for the spring semester, and the Student Government Association has a hand in naming it. 

The naming competition, “Dub the Pub,” hosted by SGA will be coming to a close within the next few days.

The competition will close on Tuesday, Oct. 20. Following the competition’s closing, SGA will choose from a pool of five to seven names.

Gary Meszaros, the assistant vice president of Business and Auxiliary Services, said the pub will serve alcohol to those over the age of 21. Food and value meals such as burgers, fries, sandwiches and wraps will also be offered to students. 

Meszaros said he and others who are in charge of the pub’s design and planning hope the space will also serve as a multipurpose venue for students. The bar and restaurant will be open during the day for lunch and dinner; they will also be available for students to rent at night for access to the dance floor and bar.  

Meszaros said having a pub on campus will hopefully help students 21 and over stay safe while drinking.

“This is going to be different from Hilligan’s; it’s not going to be a place where you can go and get crazy. It’s going to be more controlled and [a] safer option for those students that are over 21 and live on or near campus,” he said. 

SGA’s “Dub the Pub” competition has received over 50 possible names.

SGA Public Relations Director Sawyer Coffey hopes to receive over 100 names by the end of the competition.

Coffey said the competition has been succeeding gracefully.

“I’ve released some of the sneak-peeks of the layout of what the pub is going to look like,” Coffey said. “It’s an incentive for students to compete.” 

Coffey said she waited until after the competition started and received some responses to put a picture out to the public.

Students may access the competition through a link on SGA’s Web page and submit their suggested name via Survey Monkey. 

Students who wish to enter the competition must enter their name, WKU email and proposed name for the pub into the survey. 

Some top contenders include “Spirit Masters,” “Tops for Hops” and the “Hilltopper Tavern.”

Once the competition is over, Coffey said SGA will decide on the best collection of names they think they could make into a poll for students to choose from.

The poll will then go back out to students for them to choose the best three names.

From these options, SGA will have the final decision in deciding the appropriate name for the new pub.