SGA allocates funds to study away scholarships

Marcel Mayo

Most of the Student Government Association’s meeting on Tuesday focused on the Confucius Institute; later in the meeting, though, SGA passed two pieces of legislation.

Bill 3-15-F, Funding for Study Away Scholarships, passed unanimously. It allocated $1,200 from Academic Affairs Committee funds to financially support students’ study away experiences. The funding will be granted during the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

Bill 4-15-F, Funding for “Si, Se Puede: Leadership in the Latino Community” also passed unanimously.

This bill allocated $200 from legislative discretionary funds to provide funds for the seminar “Si, Se Puede: Leadership in the Latino Community.” The funds directly cover half of the keynote speaker’s estimated travel expenses. The keynote speaker is Johana Lopez, a WKU alumna and leadership coach based in Houston, according to the bill. The other half of Lopez’s expenses will be covered by the Hilltopper Organization of Latin American Students (HOLAS).

During his report, SGA President Jay Todd Richey mentioned the possibility of creating an online store similar to eBay where WKU students could sell or purchase items from one another. Richey said he had conversed with Gary Meszaros, the assistant vice president of Business and Auxiliary services. Richey stressed, however, that this is just an idea.

Richey also reminded senators to ask the student body for name suggestions for the pub that is expected to be completed in the Garrett Conference Center. SGA will be hosting a competition to name the pub.

Next week, SGA will vote on Resolution 2-15-F: Resolution to Disapprove of the Procedure by which the Model Confucius Institute at Western Kentucky University was Effectuated.