SGA disapproves Confucius Institute building process

Marcel Mayo

During Tuesday’s meeting, the Student Government Association passed a resolution that disapproved of how the Confucius Institute building’s construction was agreed upon.

The senate passed Resolution 2-15-F, to Disapprove of the Procedure by which the Model Confucius Institute at WKU was Effectuated, by a 21-4 vote.

According to the resolution, SGA “disapproved of the nontransparent procedure with which the agreement to authorize the construction of the Model Confucius Institute at [WKU] was effectuated.”

Several senators voiced their opinions on the Confucius Institute, saying the Confucius Institute is a great asset to the WKU and Bowling Green communities. 

Campus Improvement Committee Chairman Zachary Jones was in favor of the resolution because passing it represents the voice of the students. 

“As a student body, we want things that are voicing our opinion,” Jones said.

The topic of housing issues was also brought up during the meeting. 

The Student Life Foundation is a corporation that funds and renovates student housing. WKU made a partnership with the foundation for the placement of students in off-campus apartments. The foundation owns the Kentucky Street Apartments. 

Even with the housing shortage, Housing and Residence Life still managed to meet its financial goals, Executive Vice President Nolan Miles said. 

“We did not see a drop in occupancy this year,” Miles said. “That’s kind of confusing because we did misplace people.” 

WKU is also responsible for funding a future project that will help provide wiring needed for the new transformers, which totaled $841,000, the Student Life Foundation bought this year, Miles said. 

However, the wiring replacements do not correlate with the power outage in Pearce Ford Tower last semester, he said. 

When these new transformers will be installed hasn’t been released yet, but plans are being made.

Updates, including windows and doorknobs, for the Student Life Foundation’s buildings total $540,000.

A few SGA senators also mentioned possible mold infections in buildings such as Jones Jagger Hall, Southwest Hall and Pearce Ford Tower.

“There was a serious mold issue in Jones Jagger over the summer,” said Bowling Green junior Nicholas Conrad. “The two rooms [the mold] was in had to be completely tore down. Everything was thrown away.”

During his report, President Jay Todd Richey said SGA may create a sexual assault prevention video called “It’s On Us” to explain the seriousness of sexual assault on campuses. 

Richey also reminded SGA members to include regional campuses —  Elizabethtown/Ft. Knox, Owensboro and Glasgow — in future event planning for all WKU students.

Last Friday, SGA also had its first MyCampusToo meeting at 3 p.m. in DSU. 

Richey said SGA is encouraging students to join this new initiative.