School of journalism and broadcasting offers coding classes

Marcel Mayo

For the School of Journalism and Broadcasting, the new school year meant the addition of a few new classes. 

Students can now take SJB 340, Programming for Media Platforms, and IXD 350, Programming for Designers. 

In these classes, students will work with games, coding with the web, icons to move around to create coding, a programming language called Python and a small, basic computer called Raspberry Pi.

Cliff Shaluta, professor and coordinator for advertising and public relations, said these new classes are offered to students all over campus, not just students inside the School of Journalism and Broadcasting. 

Shaluta said because the future relies on technology, offering these types of classes is essential at universities.

“You don’t have to have any programming experience at all for the class,” Shaluta said. 

The classes were officially accepted last spring, but the staff at WKU has been working on including them for two years now. 

Mark Simpson, associate professor in the School of Journalism and Broadcasting, teaches the new classes.  He said they will prepare students for life after college. 

“We have to prepare the students for bigger opportunity and change and embracing new technology as they move forward,” Simpson said. 

Louisville senior Charles Heuglin said he signed up for SJB 340 to learn more about coding in general. 

“I’d like to learn more about coding games, apps and little animations,” Heuglin said. 

Heuglin said these classes are helpful in real world situations because of the growing demand for coding among employers.

“Being able to include my ability to code functioning apps [and] create web-based animations or games could only help my chances of being hired,” he said.