Healthy habits to develop now to help ease stress later

Mollie Moore

School can be stressful and it only gets worse as the semester moves forward. Often times when you’re in the thick of it, reducing that stress seems nearly impossible. Developing a few good habits now could pay off come finals week.

1. Rest up: One of the most important ways to feel less wound up throughout the day is getting a full night’s sleep. Putting off an assignment until the last minute is something we all do, but going to bed at a reasonable time and waking up earlier than necessary is much more fulfilling. That assignment could have been done in the hour before class rather than the middle of the night.

2. Break for breakfast: It’s been said so many times but that’s because it’s true: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you get a late start and have to rush out the door, it doesn’t seem practical to waste time eating a full meal, but you’ll regret it come lunchtime when your stomach is talking and making you cranky. Plus, allowing yourself the time to sit down and gather your thoughts in the morning before the day begins makes a huge difference.

3. Relax: Taking care of yourself is top priority and sometimes that means taking a time-out and doing something relaxing. Reading for pleasure is something that you should be doing daily. Whether it be a novel, poetry or magazines, read something that isn’t required. It is a means to let your mind drift. It also helps improve reading and writing skills which will make you a better student.

4. Meditate: A daily meditation will actually do wonders for your psyche, no matter how ridiculous you think it sounds. Taking the time to practice mindfulness helps keep you in the present and less focused on all of the assignments you have due or tests you have coming up making it easier to cope with the workload. There are plenty of apps and YouTube videos to provide guided meditations so you don’t end up just sitting on the floor confused.

5. Vitamins: The easiest thing to do to lighten your stress is to start taking vitamins. Go get some Vitamin C and B12 and start taking them every morning. You’ll notice a difference almost immediately. If you really need a boost you can take an extra two or three. That’ll keep you feeling great all day.