Where to find the best vegan food on campus

Mollie Moore

Let’s face it, on-campus vegan dining options are pretty lackluster and usually hidden. To find ingredient lists for most restaurants is impossible, and a lot of the obvious options are gross. Most places are so busy during the lunch and dinner rush that it seems irresponsible to hold up the line and inquire about the menu, especially when most employees aren’t aware of what is and isn’t plant-based on the menu.

Below is a list of the best and easiest choices for vegans dining on campus:

1. Burrito Bowl: Basically any burrito or bowl here can be made vegan as long as you stay away from the various ranch dressings and cheeses. Most of the time they’ll offer you extra beans on any meatless option, and the cilantro lime rice is delicious.

2. Einstein Bros.: Unfortunately, none of their bagels are vegan thanks to pesky L-cysteine, but the Hummus Veg Out is tasty, and they will gladly supplement the bagel with ciabatta bread. Also make sure to ask for no cream cheese.

3. Subway: Subway is amazing. The Italian bread is vegan, so you can load up on as many veggies as you want. It’s like a huge, delicious salad on bread disguised as a sandwich. Be careful, though: The Subway Vinaigrette contains dairy. You’ll be safest if you stick with oil and vinegar or their sweet onion sauce. 

4. Burger Studio: To get a quality meal here, you have to do some finagling. The only buns they have aren’t vegan, but if you peek your head over the monitor after you order your veggie burger and ask for no bun, they’ll stick the patty in a plastic container for you. Next, explain to the kind people at JuiceBlendz that you can’t eat the Burger Studio buns, and ask for one of their ciabatta buns. It’s usually worth all of the effort.

5. Starbucks: As long as you substitute any dairy for soy or coconut milk, most of the drinks at Starbucks are vegan. However, make sure to avoid anything with java chips or caramel drizzle, and clarify that you don’t want whipped cream. Sadly, all the treats are off-limits, but if you’re looking for breakfast, grab their hearty blueberry oatmeal. It comes with agave, dried blueberries and a nut and seed medley that is super yummy.