Skipping Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Boogie into style: The 70’s are back

Scout Hardin

Scout Hardin

Greetings of peace and love to all my cool cats out there; the sexy ’70s are back! Time to raid mom’s closet and thank your lucky stars she’s hoarded those funky threads that will make you look fresher than Janis Joplin. Prepare yourself for a psychedelic whirlwind of prints, a bombardment of fringes, clashing patchworks and suede for days because it’s time to get groovy.

A throwback of ’70s silhouettes are in our future, so spice up your wardrobe with some way-cool maxis and flared lines, and don’t be afraid to pair bold patterns in the same look. Try a printed silky button-down with bright, high-waisted, wide leg slacks. Wear a patterned jacket over a flowered blouse and a jean front button skirt. Be bright, busy and fearless! 

The 1970s were a time of creativity, change and cataclysmic unrest. Americans had lived through an age of men on the moon and assassinations of two Kennedys and a King, all while the radio blasted “United We Stand” by Brotherhood of Man. The positive vibes of the ’60s had spilled over into protests of war. 

The ’70s were full of contradictions in politics and fashion. Musicians were gods, and each had an individual fashion statement. Emerging artists became idols: David Bowie was a chameleon, Cher was bolder than a Vegas showgirl, the Bee Gees flaunted plunging jumpsuits and Joni Mitchell was completely bohemian. Designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg gave us the wrap dress, Joe Famolare gave us platform shoes and Laura Ashley sought inspiration from the Edwardian era. That was the beautiful thing about the ’70s—there were no rules.

This is a look that embraces expression. Set your inner flower child free with delicate embroidered blouses, fringed skirts and flowers in your hair. Instead of tossing those old jeans, channel your bohemian side and sew on a patch or 20 to give them new life. Consider pairing light, flowing dresses with a fitted jacket. Give the peasant look a go to keep your style fresh and airy. Take a page out of ’70s musician and trend setter Joan Baez’s book: rock that earth goddess hair and sport a billowing kaftan. 

Fringe is in for bags, dresses, boots—everything! Feel inspired by tassels. Enjoy their gentle swish as they glide with you down the street. Fringed vests and ponchos are gaining popularity. What goes better with fringe than suede, which is coming back with a vengeance? 

So boogie on over to your local thrift store, the resting place for most of these fashion jewels, and unearth some ’70s gems. The fashion revolution that the seventies gave us rages on into the 21st century. Keep it hip. Keep it cool. Keep it you. Peace, baby.