The top 10 best places to study on campus

Graphic by Keevin Henley

Sydney Rae Davis

Studying: it’s not everyone’s favorite pastime, but it’s still an essential part of surviving college and maintaining one’s sanity against a mountain of coursework. While some students prefer the dull hum of white noise to keep their minds focused, others would rather study amidst a crowd of chattering people. It’s all about finding an environment that works best for the individual, and step one is knowing the prime study spots on campus.

1. Mass Media and Technology Hall

Colin Waters, a sophomore from Florence, recommends exploring the upper floors of Mass Media and Technology Hall to find a secret location to hit the books. 

“I like studying in Mass, but on the third floor, because there’s [my] secret place there that a lot of people don’t really go to that much,” Waters said.

2. Visual and Performing Arts Library

“I like studying in VPAL … because it’s always really quiet, and there’s normally not a lot of people that (sic) go there,” Waters said.

3. 24-hour Study Lounge in Downing Student Union

Mackenzie Grubbs, a junior from Verona, recommends the study lounge for late-night cramming sessions before a forgotten morning exam.

 “That’s a good place because it’s open all night, they leave the lights on, other people are doing the same thing, so you kind of feel like it’s more motivating,” Grubbs said.

4. Raymond Cravens Library

Although Grubbs thought Cravens can occasionally be difficult to access, he still says it makes a “nice” study spot.

5. The hills in Centennial Mall

Cody Mardis, a junior from Elizabethtown, says he enjoys studying in Centennial Mall because of the surrounding nature. 

“It’s a great place that always has life and movement flowing through it,” Mardis said.

6. Starbucks in Downing Student Union

Samantha Delomas, a junior from Lexington, enjoys getting her study on at a place where the coffee keeps flowing.

“Studying at Starbucks is nice for a change of pace. I can get a yummy drink while also avoiding the distraction of friends,” Delomas said.

7. Amphitheatre and William “Gander” Terry Colonnade

Bradford Higdon, a junior from Mt. Washington, enjoys kicking back and cracking open a book on the Colonnade steps. 

“It’s scenic, and it’s a great place to get a little studying done under the sun,” Higdon said.

8. Helm Library

Elizabethtown junior Kristina Gonzalez-Lopez enjoys escaping to the corners of Helm Library because there, she can really focus.

“There’s barely any noise, and I go grab a coffee in Java City if I need a pick-me-up,” Gonzalez-Lopez said.

9. The second floor hallway next to Student Government Association in Downing Student Union

Max McGehee, a junior from Erlanger, chooses to study in a location off the beaten path—a hallway in Downing Student Union.

“There isn’t too much distraction, but there is still a little background noise from DSU without it being too loud,” McGehee said.

10. Anywhere in a hammock

Louisville junior Kelby Auten hooks her hammock under the trees to rock with the wind while studying.

“I like to be outdoors if it’s nice, and [studying in a hammock] allows me to do that without having to sit on the hard ground or search for an open picnic table,” Auten said.

Whether you prefer to study under a tree, hunched over a desk or in an abandoned hallway, there are plenty of options around campus. Don’t be afraid to try a new place or explore an unfamiliar building; the best study spot may still be waiting for discovery.