September Horoscopes

Mollie Moore

A monthly horoscope provided to you by your opinion editor. 


Aries: Be nice to your body this month. There’s only three more weeks until fall—you’ll need the time to adjust. Skip leg day and take the bus up the Hill; you’ll thank yourself later. 


Taurus: Change is coming, so use this month to get used to it. I know everyone always tells you to stop being so stubborn, but actually listen to them this time and make a habit of it. 


Gemini: Stop second-guessing yourself and start trusting your intuition. You could use a little irresponsibility in your life. Do something that’s indulgent, and don’t feel guilty about it afterwards. 


Cancer: You tend to be pretty down on yourself. Use this month to build your self-worth and inner strength. You’re really not that bad.


Leo: This month may leave you feeling tiny and powerless, but don’t fret. Take this time and use it for reflection. You’ll find you don’t always need to dominate the situation. Calm down. 


Virgo: Yes, a lot of things are happening, and no, you can’t control them all. Learn how to take a step back and let things happen. You’ll experience more creative growth this way.


Libra: You may not know what’s happening in any of your relationships this month, but that’s okay… kind of. Don’t use this as an opportunity to isolate yourself, but don’t get too clingy. Finding the balance is key.


Scorpio: If you’ve been sitting on any project ideas, now is the time to get to work. Don’t take too much time planning—that’s why they haven’t been started before now. If it doesn’t work out at first, be patient and try again with a different approach.


Sagittarius: Pay attention and look for signs that you are actually on track to completing your goals. You may find that caution is a necessity this month. 


Capricorn: Try to get yourself organized. You’ve got a lot of ambitions, but you need to be able to work towards your goals without getting carried away.


Aquarius: This month is full of possibilities for you. Recognize the opportunity and work past your fears of failure. If you do it right, you could create a richer life for yourself. 


Pisces: Try to pay closer attention to your own sensitivities this month. It’s easy to get touchy and defensive, but consider others’ intentions before reacting fully. You could save yourself from a lot of conflict.