Food changes coming to WKU next semester

Jessica Voorhees

New food options rest on the horizon for WKU students, including beer, international fare and gelato. 

Gary Meszaros, assistant vice president of Building and Auxiliary Services, said the biggest upcoming change in dining will be Brew Pub, a restaurant featuring alcoholic beverages, sandwiches and a dance floor.

Steve Hoyng, resident district manager for Aramark, said Brew Pub will include mostly “bar food,” such as double dogs, hamburgers and jalepeño poppers. 

Meszaros said the restaurant will reside in the Garret Conference Center on the main floor. 

He said renovation of the building will take place in 2017, and he will meet with architects and people from Student Affairs on Friday to draw up the plans. 

“We’re still going through the process, and nothing is final,” Meszaros said. 

The Student Government Association requested the availability of beer on campus in December.

Meszaros said next year the Passport Café will open in the new Honors College and International building in August or September.

He said the café will provide a small snack bar to students. 

Hoyng said the café will also feature gelato and American items with “international flair.” 

Hoyng said the menu of Redzone will change next year to keep student favorites, such as chicken fingers and pancakes and eliminate other less popular items, such as the Kentucky bourbon salad. 

He said about 10 new items will replace the old unpopular options. 

Hoyng said the WKU Restaurant Group will discuss redesigning the menu at Fresh Food Company and the operating hours of dining locations on campus at the end of the school year.