25 best TV shows about nursing

Central to any successful health care facility is the contingency of nurses providing patient management along with immediate, supplemental, and ongoing care. These workers serve as the center of a hospital or medical office’s orbit, integral to daily operations and life-saving care.In television, many shows highlight the efforts of these unsung heroes. Some even take the extra step to employ real-life nurses on set, lending authenticity and accuracy to scenes.Nursing Education compiled and ranked a list of 25 top TV shows about nursing and hospitals, using March 17, 2021 data from IMDb. The shows are ranked by the IMDb user rating, and ties are broken by IMDb user votes.The list is a diverse one featuring nurses both on the job and off. The portrayals include a nurse battling addiction, a nurse balancing work and single motherhood, midwives delivering babies, and several male nurses playing against long-held and antiquated stereotypes. Some of these shows present nurses as main characters, while in others they are background players. There are shows from the past and from the present and some are long gone, while others remain on the air. They fall into a variety of genres from crime-drama to comedy and are set in places spanning thousands of miles from Toronto to Los Angeles to Boston.Keep reading to discover the 25 best television shows about nursing.

Nicole Johnson

Nursing Education compiled and ranked a list of the 25 top television shows about nursing using data from IMDb (last updated March 17, 2021).