Crime Reports: April 15-19

Shantel Ann-Pettway

• Louisville senior Kelsie Wise was arrested and charged on April 17 for reckless driving, rear license not illuminated, driving under the influence and failure to provide insurance card on Cabell Drive and Park Street. 

• Louisville senior Evan Daniels reported his bike stolen from the bike rack at Mass Media and Technology Hall on April 17. Daniels reported the lock and chain that secured his bike was broken. Estimated value for stolen and damaged property is $200. 

• Bowling Green senior Walter Milam was arrested and charged on April 17 for DUI and reckless driving on State and 13th streets.

• Bowling Green sophomore Rachel Flester was arrested and charged on April 18 for reckless driving, wanton endangerment, DUI, fleeing and evading the police and possession of an open alcohol container in a motor vehicle on Kentucky Street.

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