SGA passes bill, two resolutions in last April meeting

Anna Lawson

The Student Government passed a resolution, which will fund the installation of a surveillance camera in the ground floor of the Downing Student Union.

Bill 10-15-S, Funding for the Installation and Maintenance of Surveillance Video Systems allocated $825.95 for the purchase and installation of a surveillance video camera.

The camera will be placed near the ATMs. Author of the bill, J. William Berry said this would be much cheaper than moving the ATMs to a place with more foot traffic.

“I don’t think that that would be very cost effective versus getting a security camera,” he said. “I’m still looking into that but from what I’ve heard so far it would be much easier just to get a security camera.”

The bill passed, 15-5, but not without debate. One point that was made by Berry was that DSU closes at midnight, after being questioned by Tyler Scaff, campus improvements committee chair.

The cameras would be purchased through the Information Technology Division Scaff said he wasn’t sure the thought this was the best choice.

“I do not feel that IT is necessarily a good judge of what is actually necessary,” he said. “Combine that with the fact that DSU closes at midnight. I do not feel that we should use this much money to pay for a camera that I don’t even think is necessary.”

However, Berry said that getting another camera, or getting it installed by someone else isn’t an option.

“There are contracts that the university has, we have to go through IT,” he said. “It’s not a matter of wanting a cheaper camera, I would love a cheaper camera, it’s a matter of we have to go through IT.”

Senator Jody Dahmer said that while the price of the camera isn’t exactly cheap, it is necessary.

“If we vote no and there’s a theft or there’s something that goes on in the ATM area that could have theoretically been stopped if we had a security camera, then I honestly don’t know if I could agree with not voting on it solely because of the cost,” he said.

Senator Zach Jones said this is something that could be used in court to bring justice to a perpetrator, and it could also potentially deter a crime.

We have to keep in mind the psychology of a human being in the sense that people like to feel more safe,” he said  “If this camera brings a sense of safety and security to people that are walking down in that area then that seems like a good purchase.”

Jones said since this can affect a significant amount of students it should be passed.

Resolution 6-15-S, Resolution to Increase Scholarship Accountability and Transparency was also passed.

This would allow SGA to amend the bylaws in order to increase accountability and transparency in their scholarship programs. The resolution states currently there is not rule preventing members grading scholarship applications to apply for aforementioned scholarship.

“The Student Government Association of Western Kentucky University should continue to pursue greater accountability and transparency, and the current lack of policy opens the door for potential abuse,” states the resolution.    

This resolution passed without debate.

Resolution 9-15-S, Resolution to Support the “Postergate” Act to Amend the Constitutional Process of Enacting and Reviewing Election Codes was also brought up.However, Chief of Staff Seth Church said this resolution needed to be approved by the Judicial Council before it could be voted on in the Senate. The resolution was tabled and will be voted on next week.

However, Chief of Staff Seth Church said this resolution needed to be approved by the Judicial Council before it could be voted on in the Senate. The resolution was tabled and will be voted on next week.

Resolution 10-15-S, Resolution to Concur with the Board of Regents Action Item was also moved from New Business into Unfinished Business. 

SGA supported the creation of a new parking structure in Bill 2-15-S earlier this semester. This was later passed by the Board of Regents with an amendment to prorate the fee to part-time students. This would be based on whatever percentage of the full-time equivalent 12 credit hours a student is taking.

“For example, a student taking 6 hours would be charged $15.00 or 50% of the fee,” according to the resolution.

SGA President Nicki Taylor said this should not significantly change the construction time of the parking structure.The resolution then passed with unanimous consent. 

The resolution passed with unanimous consent. 

WKU Information Technology Division