Campus a cappella groups have ‘noteworthy’ performances

Evan Kerr from Louisville acts out along side his fellow Redshirts a cappella group on Friday April 18, 2015 in DSU Auditorium. ASHLEY COOPER/HERALD

Lashana Harney

As the lights dimmed, the 200 people in Downing Student Union’s auditorium quieted down, carefully watching the stage. 

Thirteen men, clad in matching red shirts, walked on stage, took a breath and began to sing.

WKU’s two a cappella groups—the TrebleMakers and the Redshirts—held their annual concert called “Noteworthy” on Friday. 

The Redshirts, WKU’s male a cappella group, started the concert with their rendition of “Barbara Ann,” the 1965 classic by the Beach Boys.

Applause resounded throughout the auditorium after each song. Some audience members called out to their favorite singers.

After the Redshirts performed their first set, the TrebleMakers—WKU’s female a cappella group—began their first set with a version of “Hide and Seek,” a 2005 song by Imogen Heap. 

Frankfort sophomore and Redshirts member Dylan Wright said performing in front of an audience is an amazing experience.

“It’s like the best thing in the world,” he said. “It’s a thrill every single time. We all come from different backgrounds and coming together with a combination of guys like this is awesome.” 

Bowling Green senior Hardin Butts said concerts such as this one give the music majors of the group a break from singing classical music.

“It’s a breather,” Butts said. “It’s a break from all the stuff we’re learning, just to have fun and sing.”

Butts said the Redshirts stay busy by taking around five to 10 gigs throughout the semester. The group also holds an independent concert each semester.

The concert lasted a little more than an hour and a half, but the enthusiasm of the crowd did not cease. The singers were greeted with a standing ovation at the end of the concert.

Georgetown freshman Miranda Holcomb said she came out to support her roommate, Maddie Hughes, a member of the TrebleMakers.

“She killed it,” Holcomb said. “They were all so good. It’s incredible to see this talent at WKU.” 

Holcomb said the atmosphere at the concert was lively.

“You could just feel their energy and their excitement,” she said. “It just carried throughout the audience all throughout the night.”

Butts said he thought the concert went well.

“We had a really nice turnout,” he said. “It seemed like the crowd was really into it. They seemed very receptive to our pieces, so I’m just pleased with it.”