Letter to the Editor: SGA moves past elections, looks forward to rebranding

For several weeks, the Student Government Association has received a multitude of publicity regarding our Executive and Senate elections. Candidates campaigned exhaustively from campus posters to social media updates and visits with organizations to SGA events. The Executive and Senate candidates worked endlessly to maximize the voter turnout of students in the SGA elections. The 2015 election season was exciting and competitive, having 35 Senate candidates running for only 20 Senate seats, two administrative vice presidential candidates, and lastly, two presidential candidates.

The attention the College Heights Herald has brought SGA has given light to the importance for the student body to vote in elections. While we had a competitive and well-publicized election, there was still a low voter turnout. We want to express to you, the student body, that it is your role to use your voice to elect representatives to serve the student body. Higher voter turnout assures that the best candidates are elected to make decisions for this university.

SGA strives to make sure you know the services we provide and the efforts we make to better this university. The role of SGA is to serve as the official voice of the student body, meaning students can come to us with any issue or concern. 

Regarding elections, we want to stress that SGA hears all concerns of the student body. Though the SGA election appeals were based on campaign posters, it is our job to hear every appeal brought into our office. In order to guarantee a transparent and fair election, we allowed the Judicial Affairs Council to determine the fate of the presidential election. The election appeals were minor, but SGA cannot make the decision to ignore the concerns of the student body.

Now that election events have concluded, we are looking forward to planning and implementing a rebranding period for the Student Government Association. We are working to improve diversity of representation, transparency and overall education of the key role SGA plays at WKU. We plan to actively demonstrate our ability and dedication to be an agent of campus change. We will do everything possible for SGA to be the most effective and credible organization possible. 

SGA is eager to begin our rebranding period as our newly elected executive and senate members take office. We plan to show how dedicated SGA is to achieving its core purpose: serving you.

– Student Government Association

For questions, concerns or additional information, contact SGA Director of Public Relations Sawyer Coffey.