Checking Up: Adderall usage not worth the risk

Morgan Profumo

Morgan Profumo

Today’s college students endure a significant amount of stress dealing with classes, sororities or fraternities, work, relationships and other extra curricular activities. It is hard to keep up with our busy lives and still maintain momentum.

There are several things that we, as college students, have a tendency to turn to for help staying alert—coffee, energy drinks and, unfortunately, popping an Adderall. 

The pressure placed upon college students to maintain perfection can be overbearing, contributing to dependency on illegal prescriptions.

According to a article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Adderall is the second most common stimulant abused by college students in the United States, falling right behind marijuana. 

Concerning the use of Adderall on WKU’s campus, biology advisor Cassandra Cantrell, who has a master’s degree in science, said the health effects are concerning.

“It’s kind of scary because they’re taking a prescription medication that isn’t going to have the same impact on them as it would on someone who does have ADHD,” she said. 

“There are a lot of consequences and impacts that we are not aware of. I would be concerned about the health effects and the fact that they could have adverse outcomes, such as heart palpitations or seizures.” 

The students who are illegally taking Adderall seem to be more concerned with the effects that the drug will have on their grades than their bodies. However, studies aren’t the only thing driving students to acquire this medication. It is also known as a party drug due to the euphoria that gives a false sense of heroism. Mixing Adderall (a stimulant) with alcohol (a depressant) can result in cardiac arrest or even death. Even students who are prescribed Adderall should watch their alcohol consumption. 

The consequences of obtaining Adderall illegally are not worth the benefit. Adderall is a Schedule II substance on the Drug Enforcement Agency’s list, positioned next to meth, morphine and cocaine. There are several alternatives that students can turn to in order to give them euphoria similar to Adderall. 

Coffee, although not very healthy due to the high amounts of caffeine, is a better substitute for Adderall. Taking a break and getting some sleep at night instead of cramming for an exam can ultimately give you the energy to get through the next day.