Letter to the Editor: Chism for President

Brian Chism

Cody Pruitt

Fellow Western Kentucky University students, with the Student Government Association presidential election approaching I wanted to voice my support for Brian Chism as your next SGA President. 

I have known and worked with Brian over the course of the previous year and witnessed first hand the dedication to every project and idea that he comes in to contact with. His experience and drive to make our community a better environment for all is quickly apparent. 

Brian has a history of leadership that would prove to be a success for the student body at WKU. As the former State President of the Kentucky FFA, Brian led over 14,000 members to a successful term. In addition, Brian has served on the executive committee for WKU Relay for Life and as Senator for SGA. In serving SGA, Brian is Chair of the Student Affairs Committee and has come in contact with students from all corners of campus. His leadership qualities would be a great addition to the position of SGA President.

Through working with Brian on numerous campaigns, I understand his drive to make student life on campus better for all and have seen his commitment to the betterment of this community. He has a passion for this establishment and wants to empower all students, from non-traditional students, like me, to incoming freshmen to make sure we have a voice and are represented. Brian will be our voice on the Board of Regents and will make sure that if we have a concern it will be addressed. 

If you value leadership experience, passion, and a commitment to serve the students of WKU like I do please join me in voting for Brian Chism as our next WKU SGA President.

– Cody R. Pruitt