PFT residents discover mold in several rooms

Pearce Ford Tower PFT is a 27 story, female residence hall located on the south end of campus. This landmark hall was built in 1970 and is has TV lounges, ping pong tables, pool tables, and Foosball. Harrison Hill/HERALD

Mold is plaguing several rooms in Pearce-Ford Tower.

The women of PFT were notified on March 3, via email, that the situation had been brought to light through Twitter.  Residents with mold were encouraged to email their name, room number and where the mold is to Housing and Residence Life. 

“We are definitely wanting to help you get these units cleaned ASAP!” HRL Coordinator Sarah Haught said in the email.

HRL Director Brian Kuster said it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where and when the mold began. 

“We’re not saying there is or isn’t mold, but no proper forms have been turned in, in order for us to investigate,” he said. 

LaRosa Shelton, a freshman from Louisville, said more could’ve been done to prevent the problem. 

“I feel like they do not put enough money into housing and don’t put enough time and energy into making sure the students on campus have a nice place to live,” she said. 

Kuster said any student can go online to request maintenance on their rooms. 

“We are happy to check students’ rooms because mold is a serious issue, but no maintenance requests have been turned in from a lot of students to say they’re concerned about mold,” he said. 

Alesis Collins, a freshman from Louisville, said while she wasn’t personally affected by the mold, the news wasn’t something she liked getting.

“I wasn’t pleased when I was informed about mold because I knew that it could get to me if it wasn’t handled,” she said. “But I did appreciate that [the] process of the effected was handled quickly.”

Kuster said knowledge of the issues helps in addressing them, particularly with mold. 

Bryan Russell, chief facilities officer, said via email he was unaware “of any issues in PFT,” but after inquiring with HRL said several people have been identified and contacted.

“During the semester, we change filters in all HVAC units on a regular basis, but we usually do the coil cleaning during the summer months because of the cleaning agent,” HRL’s response said.