Not Your Typical Woman: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt breaks ground on Netflix

Will Hyde

Tina Fey’s comedy,“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is one of the newest series to be released on Netflix. Schmidt, played by Ellie Kemper, is a remarkable young woman. Rescued after 15 years trapped in a bunker, she reinvents herself by moving to New York. 

“Unbreakable” is a show highlighting the resilience of strong women. The title says it all— the cast fights to succeed through a series of ridiculous events. Schmidt, as the protagonist, empowers her newly acquired friends as she herself deals with recent freedom. 

Upon arrival, Schmidt finds a new home with the emotionally damaged but talented Titus Andromedon. Andromedon immediately sends Schmidt away— nervous at her unemployment and attempting to shield her from the brutality of New York. Schmidt manages to gain a job working as a nanny for the affluent Ms. Voorhees and returns to live with Andromedon. Inspired by her generosity and ambition, Andromedon finds the courage to rejoin the city that broke him down. 

One of Schmidt’s more memorable mantras, “you can get through anything for 10 seconds” assisted those along her way, who were caught in frustrating situations. Though there’s no doubt her life was stressful, you would never know from meeting her. Schmidt shares her coping mechanisms in hopes of helping people in need. 

The side characters, much like Schmidt, have uncomfortable pasts. They also reinvented themselves in New York. Though they found new lives, they lost much of their confidence. As the show progresses, Schmidt inspires them to break out of their shells.

“Unbreakable” offers unique advice to everyone watching. The world might not be fair, but it’s all in how you react. The women surrounding Schmidt credit her strength to her sheer will power. 

Schmidt isn’t without her flaws, though. She, like any victim, demonstrates some negative emotional responses. She is quick to anger, easily defensive and occasionally distrustful. Because of her situation, she has a huge concern for justice— even when it’s out of her control.  Her character adapted incredibly well to a 15-year-long crisis, but she still has psychological side effects that remind viewers of her sincerity. 

What’s more, the main cast of “Unbreakable” is almost entirely female, with the exception of one gay male lead. The show features one of the most wholesome cast of characters without including any conventions of the formulaic cable storytelling template.

Schmidt is inspiring not just as a survivor but as a role model for success. Part of the reason why she attains her well paying job, high profile connections and close friends is her attitude. She offers a unique angle on strong women. Her strength is actively tested in each episode as she readjusts to society. 

“Unbreakable” is a show filled with absurdities. The characters are largely impractical and the situations faced are silly. But, Schmidt is full of inspirational quotes and helpful coping mechanisms that offer viewers a way to interact in the world with an honest and determined attitude. 

The full season of “Unbreakable” is available on Netflix.